The Novaelis Mission

Novaelis strives to provide a unique perspective on issues of digital access and accessibility: providing a pragmatic approach to product and human-centered design issues while offering a unique voice in the high-tech arena and championing the causes of underserved populations.

Accessibility Expertise

At Novaelis, we focus on:

  • Accessibility / Inclusive Design Consulting
  • Innovation
  • Advocacy

About Novaelis

We are people with a range of abilities and experiences with many years of providing digital accessibility and technology guidance for multiple Fortune 500 companies, government, Healthcare, and Education.

With a deep understanding of the product development lifecycle (PDLC) and people with disabilities, our members have been embedded in product teams to ensure each role understands both compliance and customer experience. We’ve led audits and helped to bring a greater understanding of audit results to our clients. Additionally, we helped to address technical and legal challenges at an enterprise level.

Technology has been the main driver of change since time immemorial. Furthermore, access to information and technology has been the difference between the “haves” and “have nots”. Industry is moving towards “immersive” experiences. New opportunities await in virtual worlds of sight and sound. Still, those who experience the world using other senses are excluded. We are working to shape the current and future thinking behind the next generation of innovative interfaces. With deep understanding of psychology, coding and design, we leverage our knowledge to educate developers and designers on the multiple perspectives and opportunities in these new worlds.

Advocacy is a concept close to the heart of our team. We are constantly working with user researchers, consumer advocates, and policy makers to consider the steps to create an even playing field in areas of employment, safety, and digital access in your home, in your office, and when you travel.
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